Evian Water Bottle 2001

A bad picture of the water bottle. It sits next to my Elvis shampoo and my Buddha statues.

At the 2001 Macworld Expo in New York City, I had a seat for the keynote close enough to the stage so that I could see Steve Jobs grooving and singing along to the music of videos or watching third party speakers at his off-stage area (stage right).

He had five bottles of 500 ml Evian water at this keynote and left three of them at the off-stage area.

At the end of his keynote, Steve disappeared behind the curtains (probably going to the bathroom after drinking so much water). That's when my friend and I grabbed a water bottle from his off-stage area. This might have been bottle number two or three that he drank from since it was empty.

A funny side note:
On the bottle label is a contest, “Win the use of a private jet.”
Earlier in 2001, Apple gave Jobs a Gulfstream V jet, costing close to $90 million, as compensation for his $1.00/Year salary.

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