Apple 1986 Annual Report
The annual report came out in early 1997 when, then CEO, Gil Amelio, was well into his 500 days as the leader of Apple Computer. Amelio was hailed as the guy who could “fix” a company, like the ailing Apple, and turn it around. However, under his leadership nearly 3,000 employees were laid off, sales and quality of the products were down, the operating system was showing its age and, finally, a $740 million loss for Q4 1996 was reported. (Ultimately, it would reach $1.6 billion.)

Amelio, of course, blamed it all on Apple’s culture which he described as pure anarchy and unmanageable. On Wednesday, July 9, 1997, Amelio resigned (or was ousted) and Steve Jobs took over as interim CEO. Apple's cash flow situation was so bad that one of the many cutbacks ordered by Jobs was the cessation of printing annual reports after this. Since then, Apple posted its financial information online, making this the last printed annual report from Apple Computers.

Probably because of the bad financial news, Apple went “cheap” on the production of this report. Instead of an expensive approach printed on glossy paper, they printed a 12-page, 11"x17" tabloid sized booklet for the public relations part. And for the financial portion, they printed a separate 81/2"x11," 36-page self-cover book with 4/c process on the cover only. The rest of the book was a simple two-color job, black and a dark olive Pantone color. Both books were printed on uncoated paper, giving the feeling that Apple was saving money.

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