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Brenda and Eddy were still going steady in the summer of ’75

when they decided the marriage would be at the end of July

Everyone said they were crazy

“Brenda you know you're much too lazy

Eddie could never afford to live that kind of life.”

But there we were wavin’ Brenda and Eddie goodbye.

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Billy Joel
The Stranger
Released September 1977

September 22, 1975 Sara Jane Moore attempted to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford. She was relesed from prision on December 31, 2007, at the age of 77.

Drinking bird


Creem 1975 Reader's Poll

1. Rolling Stones
2. Led Zeppelin
3. The Who
4. Aerosmith
6. Bad Company
7. Roxy Music
8. Queen
9. Elton John
10. Pink Floyd
11. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
12. Black Sabbath
13. Rod Stewart & the Faces
14. David Bowie
15. Eagles
16. Sparks
17. Jefferson Starship
18. The Tubes
19. Alice Cooper
20. Yes

"At Seventeen" Janis Ian
Janis Ian - Janis Ian Live: Working Without a Net - At Seventeen

The IBM 3800 laser-electrophotographic printer of 1975 had a speed of 20,000 lines a minute in preparing bank statements, premium notices and other high-volume documents. Laser beam paths were altered millions of times a second and were reflected from an 18-sided mirror that spun at 12,000 revolutions per minute.

NY Times review

Hey Moe!
Born: 19-Jun-1897-Died: 4-May-1975

A Chorus Line opened May 21, 1975
Original Broadway Cast - A Chorus Line

Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum discovered the Feigenbaum constant.

in other words, there is a pattern in chaos...cosmic man

"My Eyes Adored You" Frankie Valli
For a long time I thought the lyrics were "My Eyes of Georgia."
Frankie Valli - The Very Best of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - My Eyes Adored You

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

Bobby Riggs and Billie-Jean King

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Roger Whittaker
The Last Farewell

The Last Farewell

Mexican Jumping Beans

AMC Pacer

1975 Women of the Year

Terra-cotta warriors found in Xi'an, China

Gloria Steinman

8-track tape

Harvey Ross Ball (10 July 1921 – 12 April 2001)
is famous for his invention of the Smiley.

Cambodia Khmer Rouge 1975 to 1979 (2:55)

Saturday Night Live's first show with George Carlin as host.

April 3 - Bobby Fischer refuses to play in a chess match
against Anatoly Karpov, giving Karpov the title.

July 31 In Detroit, Michigan
Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa is reported missing.

Defiantly the strangest song from the 70's

I'm Not Lisa
Jessi Colter
Words and music by Jessi Colter 1975

I'm not Lisa, My name is Julie.
Lisa left you years ago.
My eyes are not blue, but mine won’t leave you
‘Till the sunlight has touched your face.

She was your morning light,
Her smile told of no night.

Your love for her grew
With each rising sun.

And then one winter day,
His hand led her away.
She left you here drowning in your tears,
Here where you've stayed for years,
Crying Lisa, Lisa.

I'm not Lisa, My name is Julie.
Lisa left you years ago.
My eyes are not blue, but mine won’t leave you
‘Till the sunlight has touched your face.

I'm not Lisa.

From: "Roy T. O'Conner"

I'm Not Lisa

Rick Derringer
Spring Fever

30 Years ago In between the Watergate hangover and the assaulted by disco, this album came out giving a lot of us a reason to daydream.

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo


Generalissimo Francisco Franco is (still) dead.

String art...what were we thinking?

Bernie Parent and the Philadelphia Flyers win
their second straight Stanley Cup championship.

Betamax is introduced

Very first Sony Betamax Promotional Video - 1975.

VHS was introduced by JVC in 1976.

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

Skateboarding--Old School!

Skateboard Sense - Sid Davis production

Here he comes, look at that, look at that
There he goes, look at that, look at that
And he ain't wearin' no clothes

Oh, yes, they call him the Streak
Look at that, look at that
Fastest thing on two feet
Look at that, look at that
He's just as proud as he can be
Of his anatomy
He goin' give us a peek

The Streak

Pittsburgh Steelers Win Superbowl IX over the Minnesota Vikings

Top Movie of the Year

Mood Rings were a rage

Patty Hearst is Captured by the FBI

My older sister had one...

Red Octopus


In New Zealand, Maori leader Whina Cooper
leads a march of 5000 people in support of Maori claims to their land

Born to Run

Vietnam pull out